Blackjack strategy

Are you ready to explore our blackjack strategy guide? Applying different strategies in online blackjack is one of the tricky parts, but it's our pleasure to help you. Before you get immersed, it is essential to have to know the variant you plan to play including the number of decks available.

Advanced strategies for blackjack

Blackjack card enthusiasts have a choice of choosing between the RNG powered version and the thrilling live dealer games. You will be in a better position to make the right decision after understanding the different blackjack approaches.

Single deck blackjack strategy

This approach allows players to double down when any two cards are combined and after splitting cards of a kind. Surrender is not considered an option in this strategy. Dealers are not permitted to hit on any 17 (rule S17). Adhering to the rules and carefully studying the blackjack charts will land you -0.15% in single deck blackjack odds.

In a scenario where every rule remains unaltered, and the dealer is free to hit on soft 17, the following hit stay chart will be necessary. The house edge increases to +0.04 in your advantage.

Double deck blackjack strategy

When two decks are used for dealing cards, and the conditions are the same, the dealer remains at 17; regardless, it is a soft or hard hand. Raise the house advantage to +0.20% using our simple two decks black strategy. Below is the chart for this strategy:

The blackjack odds will be in favor of the house with +0.40% when it's given a chance to request an additional card when the dealer hits 17.

Four deck blackjack strategy

Based on the standard rules of the game, allows you to Double Down on any two cards and also after splitting. Surrender not considered, and the dealer will not ask for any extra card when they are dealt on any 17s. The advantage will be on the house with +0.38% when our winning strategy is applied. Find the image below:

The casino is allowed to be given an additional card when the dealer hits a soft 17, and the odds will increase up to +0.59%.

Experts commonly use these strategy charts for playing six decks and eight deck blackjack strategy. Remember, multiple decks are always in favor of the house edge.

Blackjack Switch

This is an amazing and what makes it a favorite to many are the blackjack switch odds of +0.58%. The following optimal approach is considered a cheat sheet because of the value it adds.

Multi-deck blackjack strategy

The charts for this strategy are intended to be used on variants that allow for doubling down after splitting, on any pair and with six decks and has odds of +0.66%. The odds in this strategy will be helpful when you get into a fix.

How to count cards in blackjack

Description: The art of card counting in blackjack considered for the geniuses and its the best weapon against the dealer. To be a great card counter, you need to be committed, do routine practices and trust your memory power.

There is a wide range of blackjack card counting systems in the market. Here, we have shared with you the top recommended systems in the industry.


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