Blackjack rules

You dont have to worry as our highly experienced experts are here for you.

One of the first things you need to learn is how to place a bet. There are not many types of bets in blackjack. We urge you to stick to the recommended bets for each hand you should play.

When learning how to play this card game, you need always to remember that the dealer will be last to make a move. This puts the player at high risk of bursting despite the dealer's decisions being mandatory due to the game rules. Read our tips and trick from experts and learn how to play blackjack effortlessly.

Our site is compatible with main mobile browsers to enable our readers to practice and master this exciting card game. Rest assured, this card game is fun and will highly rewarding.

You dont have to worry as our highly experienced experts are here for you.

Official Blackjack Rules

Different rules of blackjack apply to most variants of the game; for instance, the dealer must hit when the total sum of their numbers is 16. Understanding blackjack rules will help you to know when to beat the dealer. However, you need always to remember that like other casino game variants, blackjack is designed in favor of the house.

The next section covers the simple blackjack rules of playing:

  • The winner is determined by the total value of cards, either the player or dealer with a value close to 21. Players bet against the dealer and not fellow players.
  • All face cards and 10's are equivalent to ten points while other cards are equal to their face values. The jokers are excluded and the A's can either be 1 or 11, as the player wills.
  • The blackjack betting rules permit players to be declared winners automatically when they are dealt an Ace plus a Ten value card, known as Blackjack, but only when the dealer does not have an Ace. You will get back your bet in such a situation.
  • Insurance is another standard betting rule which allows you to bet half of your initial bet when the dealer has an Ace face up.
  • Splitting is allowed only when you are dealt a pair of cards of a kind. Players are allowed to split when you receive another card up to a specific number of times.
  • With the official blackjack rules, you will be given an opportunity to Double Down your initial wager by requesting for an extra card.

There are situations where the rules dictate that the dealer stands on all 17s. You may find other rules of blackjack specific to the operator you choose.

Learn How to Win at Blackjack

Follow our basic blackjack tips to boost your chances and try best way to win at blackjack the house edge up to 0.5%. Remember, patience is the secret to maximizing your chances of winning through patience. Bet only what you can afford to lose.


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